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NEON Multimedia Kft.

H-1042 Budapest, József Attila utca 102., III/6.
Monday-Friday: 8:30–16:30
Tel.: (+36) 1 2310-256, 1 2310-257
Mobile: (+36) 30-914-5080
Customer service: Dániel Borbás
Skype: call... chat...

GPS position:
N 47.56009 / E 19.09584

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H-6728 Szeged, Dorozsmai út 17-19.
Monday-Friday: 8:30–16:30
Tel.: (+36) 70 70-50-200
Customer service: Szabolcs Tóth
Skype: call... chat...

GPS position:
N 46.26683 / E 20.11078

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Tax number: HU11994617


Marketing, PR
 Mario Fuisz (+36) 70 70-50-200
(workdays 8:30–16:30)

About the company

NEON Multimedia Kft. is a trading company founded in 2000. Amongst its activities NEON deals with import of consumer electronics for both end users and reseller partners.
Specialised in selling network attached storages (Synology) and multimedia devices such as media players (Mede8er, Dune HD, Popcorn Hour) and music players (REVO, Sonos) beside Apple products and wide range of accesories, NEON founded Lejátszó.hu for end users.